Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Caroline and Patty's Postcards for Lisa

Caroline's postcard is doing double, triple duty this week. It is so cute with the hare racing the turtle. I put it up for Animal Wedensday since lately I have done mostly flowers. The rabbit made me think of the Easter bunny. Maybe that is really why the rabbit lost the race. She was busy laying Easter eggs.

The other post card I received this week was one that Patty sent.  It has the colors that I saw while shopping this week. I think I bought a tee shirt in many of these colors while shopping.  I love the quote on the front of Patty's card "If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint." 
Thanks so much ladies.


  1. Wow Lisa! You scored! Beautiful, beautiful cards!!

  2. Glad it made it! Although I can see it got a little roughed up by the postal system.

  3. love the words on that second one.

  4. I love it when 2 cards are posted at the same time so we can really see the difference in styles.
    I like them both!!

    (I'm soooo behind, oh dear!)

  5. Cute bunny with buttons! My kind of rabbit!
    And the colors sing to me too. A nice duo!

  6. What great cards!
    Both so different but both beautiful!
    Love those wonderful animals of Caroline and those gorgeous colors of Patty!