Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two postcards this week!

This wonderful fellow came from Deb! I love the way she does digital stuff. it's magic! Look at how his heart is on fire almost. Wow! And the neat thing is she said I was standing right next to her when she took the shot! That was when we met in Provincetown, Cape Cod in October. What a great time that was!

The cards says...
WE are not bound by what we are.
We have input into what we shall become.
We have wings if we choose.
We can choose. We can choose.

Thanks Deb! You know I'll treasure this. xoxo

This wonderful collage is from Suki. I love the delicacy of her layers, the different textures and the use of gold. The stamp font is perfect too. There's such a richness to this!
The card says...


Hey, what were you saying about old Buddha?
Why, old Buddha's no Buddha.
Real Buddah's a fish just netted
leaping and jumping.

Thanks Suki! This is wonderful (and so me.)


  1. Wow, these are goood! I like both. The wildness of Debs and the subtle beauty of Suki's.

  2. love them both, lucky girl! :)

  3. Two great ones. Both have a dream like quality.

  4. both wonderful cards, aren't you so glad you started this project lo?

  5. Those are both great! It inspires me more and more to experiment and see what I can do with collage. I'm still timid!