Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jackpot - Cat & Suki

I hit the jackpot at the mail box today.  I received two post cards.  They are beautiful. Ms Suki sent some spring flowers around. I love the texture of the front. I keep wanting to touch it.
On the back of Suki's postcard is a beautiful poem about the outdoors. Which if you ever read my blog you know I love the out of doors.
Cat's postcard has an entirely different feel.  It is full of color and cats on the front.
On the back side is a friendship quote. "Friendship is a sheltering tree"  by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  I love trees and this quote is oh so true.  
I want to thank both of you ladies for these beautiful cards.


  1. Oh my, such diversity! I love them both.

    Suki has such a wonderful way with layers and colors. And I love the whimsy of cat's cats!

    yay Lisa!

  2. How fun!! I'm so glad it made it to you! Looks like it isn't too awful from its travels! :)

    Beautiful card from Suki!!

  3. These are great - Suki manages to find some lovely poems! Love those quirky cats, Cat!

  4. These are fun. Love the cats and also love nature things too.

  5. both are super. I really enjoy the individuality of each card. Everyone has their own creativity that is not like the others. Beautiful!

  6. both are so different yet so lovely too.

  7. This is such a fun trade we have going...I love making the cards as much as I enjoy getting them. These two sing of spring and friendship!
    I think we are all blossoming in both here!