Tuesday, March 23, 2010

suki's card from Joss

Love all the hearts and this vibrant pink. Also note in right corner a Tuscany type villa. On the back: "Home is where you can scratch where it itches!" And Joss adds "Hope you can scratch really soon." Thanks Joss. I love it.

I am about to send out my last card to Patti. Just have to write on the back. This has been fun. Thank you all.


  1. What a beauty!! Love the pinks too and that cottage in the right corner is fantastic! Wow, Suki you're finishing up your last one, I still have a few more to do and I'll be finished.

  2. Looks like a huge Valentine of Love for Suki.
    Fun!!! And the good house wishes are so fitting!
    I love the support we give one another in this group.

  3. THis looks great. You can feel the love oozing off the card.

  4. and i just love the fact that it got there all in one piece, and filed with lotsa hugs and love from this side of the pond. xxxx

  5. Wow, lots of embellishments that hung on for the long trip!
    This is a vibrant beauty :)

    I still have 3 more to make Suki!

  6. I've got three more also! I really like the bright colorful pinks - Joss is too funny with that quote. Home is really the place you can do whatever and itch where ever.