Friday, March 26, 2010

Patty Sent The Queen of Hearts To Lynn

This card is so cool I just had to show it to you in all its aspects! Full on with Yellow Queen on top! Close up of details!!!

And turned around with blue Queen on top!

Patty's note made me smile! She said:
"Dear Lynn--
this was inspired by a current movie and insomnia! This Q of Hearts is kind though and rules over Art.
Although, if I don't get my ATC cards done, it'll be "OFF with her head!"
xo Patty"
Thanks Patty! I adore this card and both her queens!


  1. Oh this is lovely. The Queen of hearts is the Queen of Arts. :)

  2. awesome card, Patty! Lynn, you're a lucky girl on this fun Friday! :)

  3. How ingenious!! Love this card!

  4. I'm glad you like it - I think that has been the funnest one for me to make. I laid awake in bed and had it all figured out before I even started.

  5. what a really individual card, one in a million.