Monday, March 22, 2010

lookie what I got today!

Two beauties!  One from Joss and one from Marianne!!  I love them and am so happy to have them!!  

this first one is from Joss, I just love the different patterns and prints of the papers and images she used here...the vintage images are awesome!

Note on back says:  'Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them.'  (may your problems be few and your happiness great!)

Thanks so much Joss and it's perfect!!

this one is from Marianne!  Beautiful kitty and awesome colors!  (hmmm...wonder who that kitty is?)  Done in lovely watercolors and colorful stickers, the dragonfly has wings that lift up and give a 3-d effect to the card!  I love it!  Two of my most favorite things...Cats and colors!  Your sjimmie reminds me so much of my Merlin who passed away earlier this year.  Yes, as his name applies, he was magical!!  So, this postcard is extra special!

On the back the note reads:  'You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats'  ~Colonial Proverb  
That is just soooo true!!

Thanks ladies, I love these treasures so very, very much!!


  1. They are both magical to me! Love the dance steps in Joss' card...and the women! Marianne's is so well done in her mandala style...and love the CAT for YOU and for the CAT. LOL

  2. Beautiful cards Cat. I love those dance steps and old fashioned ladies on Joss's card. Of course Sjimmie is so handsome with his signature moon mandala.

  3. yahooooo, another one made it unscathed. it looks so good here too, glad you like it cat. and isn't that such a vibrant piece of 'sjimmie' art too, a-do-ra-ble marianne!

  4. Two beauties for you Cat! Love the old fashioned sepia effect of Joss's card and Sjimmie is looking very sleek there on Marianne's - he's getting quite famous these days - recognisable anywhere!

  5. Love those collages by Joss!
    You are really getting very good at this!!!!!
    Glad Sjimmie made it to California, I tried to combine your name with colors.

  6. Both beautiful cards. I love the old-fashioned goodness of Joss' and I always love to see that sleek, beautiful black cat with ear tufts.