Thursday, March 4, 2010

Three Beauties...

...have arrived in my mailbox this morning!  The first thing that I love about them is that they are all from so far away!  I'm in Florida.  The farthest Southeast in the U.S. you can get.  (okay, not including Puerto Rico, it doesn't have statehood)  One beauty is from the Northeast, Massachusetts, another beauty is from Alaska and the beauty from even farther is from Malaysia!  I am thrilled!  I love them all and they truly are beauties!!  

Have a peek:

 From Mim in Massachusetts!!
Isn't this fabulous, so many different elements, I love it!!
From Patty in Alaska!!
Isn't this great!  The note on the back says: 'when I saw that dog pic all I could think of was "You're not in Kansas anymore!" I hope it brings a smile to your face'.  Yes, Patty it brings a HUGE smile to my face!  I love it!!
From Caroline in Malaysia!!
This is so pretty and the text reads:  'To those who can dream, there's no such thing as a faraway place.'

I love each and every one of these little beauties and I am so thankful to have them!!  You all probably don't know it but I collect stamps and this is my first post/stamp from Malaysia so I am doubly thrilled with that!!

Have a glorious day everyone, mine started out with beauty found in my mailbox!


  1. I'm always amazed at the meterials folks use. Mim, is that bubble wrap and gauze?? Awesome results!!
    Patty's makes me smile. So funny!!
    Caroline, wow! And your signature red poppy ;)

    Wonderful cards, all of them. Lucky Cat!!

  2. yes i love them all, specially the top one. stamps? i'll send you some...

  3. And I am amazed at what stays stuck on our naked mailed postARTcards.

    These are all such fun...and beauty-FULL too!

  4. Phew - it arrived! So pleased that it looks in good shape still! What a great way to start the day indeed - love the other two - great use of materials!

  5. Wow I love all 3 of them! Can't pick a favorite!
    I have to learn to dare to use more materials!

  6. Mine lost a dancing mouse and half of another! I'll have to use more glue in future. The others both look great. I especailly love the colors in Carolines - my favorites, red, orange and yellow.

  7. Patty, I love it just the way it is! :)