Sunday, March 21, 2010

Postcard from Lynn to Caroline

Hurray!!! Look what arrived on Saturday from Lynn and in perfect condition too! This is Tia, my kitty! I'm sure those of you who've seen her on my blog will agree that this is a super likeness - HRH Tia is most impressed.! It's a wonderful thread painting - thank you Lynn (and Henry V, of course) your creativity is astounding - we've been admiring our postcard all weekend.


  1. Oh, I am so glad it arrived finally and safely. I was beginning to worry. But I have to remember you live a long long way from California. ;-)
    I'm pleased that you like it. I thought I made Tia look kind of stern and she isn't at all. Thanks for your kind words of praise!

  2. ha ha she does look quite stern as all good cats should do, that's one of the reaons i am scared of them.

  3. it's a beautiful card, Caroline!! Lynn does some amazing things!!

  4. I love Lynn's thread paintings!
    I was going to paint Tia but I did something different. You should have it by now :(

    I hope it makes it. It's quite delicate.

    This is great Lynn!!

  5. Lynn this is wonderful. Love your thread paintings. Lucky Caroline. :)

  6. Wow it is really your cat!!!!
    Amazing what lynn can do with threads!
    Great card!

  7. Wow! The thread painting continues to amaze me! Nice!