Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Card from Marianne for Caroline

This wonderful little card sailed in yesterday! Marianne has folded a map of SE Asia with Malaysia on the front side (in flight magazine, by any chance?!!), making its way across the sea to China under a big sparkly sun! What an original idea Marianne - I love it and am so happy it arrived intact! By the way, it's much brighter in real life than the pic shows - Marianne always uses such beautiful colours! I tried scanning but that flattened the boat, so I took a photo so you could see the form better and despite adjusting the levels, it's not doing it justice!! On the reverse there is some text in Dutch which reads " Met je verstand kun je ver komen. Met je verbeelding overal" which in translation I think means something like this: "With knowledge you can come a long way, with imagination you can get everywhere"! I certainly agree with this - Thank you Marianne!

P.S. Thanks for the kind messages re my upcoming operation!


  1. gorgeous gorgeous simple yet so effective

  2. Oh how wonderful!! It's amazing the boat made it without getting shipwrecked!


    I'm heading over to your blog. XX

  3. Love the idea of sailing in the sun. Wonderfully done.

  4. Hahaha!!!! I didn't thought the boat would make it to you!!!!!! I was nearly convinced it would get ripped off. Or shipwrecked as Lo said it!
    No not from an inflight magazine. I searched for a malasian map and copied that twice so there is a map to be seen everywhere .(two the same maps glued together)

    And indeed operation....... I am off as well to your blog.

  5. I think it means smooth sailing for all that your life holds for you. A wonderful card, so clever with the origami boat! Who'd a thought it could sail through the mails so safely? What a good omen!

  6. I like that sayin, "Imagination can take you anywhere!" So true. That is truly creative to add a paper boat to the front. I'm amazed it stayed on.