Monday, March 1, 2010

Fortune Cookies

I received three fortune cookies in the mail today from Lolo. What an ingenious card and design! The cookies are watercolor painted and the fortunes are typed on paper that is attached. It's a possibility they are real fortunes that came out of cookies Lolo already ate; I don't know that for a fact, but I have a vision of her eating cookies, carefully wiping off the crumbs and then attaching the fortunes to this card! And Lolo, I love your stamps made with your own design - that is way cool!


  1. what a fantastic card, unique and such fun, hope the fortunes are all good ones, and they all come treu for you.

  2. That Lolo is so creative. I love this you lucky girl. I hope all the fortunes come true.

  3. I always save the fortunes from our cookies when we get Chinese food so I can use them in collages! I can't believe all 3 stayed stuck. I wish I wrote down what they said before I mailed it because you can't see them here. :(

    I'm glad you like it Patty! I had a blast making this card, simple as it is.

  4. Do print out the fortunes for us to read please Patty.
    Lolo, the card is terrific. Your art always so real and clear and wonderful...
    This made a wonderful postcard!

  5. I'm sorry all - I thought the fortunes would be visible. Here they are:

    Don't be afraid to smile, you never know who's falling in love with it.

    We don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change.

    Life is not a struggle, it's a wiggle.

    I love them all!

  6. What a wonderful card!! I love the fortunes! :)

  7. Now this is fab!! Clever Lolo!