Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mim card to Joss and Bad Luck

This adorable, quaint and humorous little card arrived from Mim today and I love it. As you can see, 'worries go down better with soup'.
And there is a recipe from the White House Cookbook (1887) for a fish soup (yuk not for me.)
Such a fun card, thanks Mim.

The bad news is that I made and sent this card to Caroline and it has arrived badly damaged. The picture on the front is completely torn away, and it is ruined. This was my inital fear, in doing a postcard project, what condition would they arrive in?

I decided to make mine all collaged, and quite bulky too. Eeeeeek!I finished the last four cards last weekend and posted them too, so all are done. Gosh, I hope this doesn't happen to any of my others. I will definitely make Caroline another card, but this was a one and only original, never to be made again. So sorry Caroline.


  1. Love the card from Mim!! Not so sure I would like fish soup either, LOL! Hey Joss, I always put a couple of heavy layers of mod podge or gel medium 'over' anything that has pieces that might come off. If my fingernail doesn't 'snag' on it then I ship it out! Pity that happend, it looks gorgeous from the photo!

  2. I hate that your pc was torn up. The one you received is great. I don't know that I would eat fish soup either though. Not something I have ever had.

  3. I love the saying on the top card. I actually like seafood soup and I've had Halibut chowder that was downright delicious so I'm thinking I might like fish soup! Too bad about the ruined one, I've worried about that too but everything I've received has been handled very gently.

  4. did put layers of mod podge on.

  5. I love the fish soup that has EVERYKINDOFFISH in fish, squid, etc. Nummy. Cioppino (Italian Fish Soup). Love all the fish on Mim's card.
    Cards are both wonderful.The card you sent me was thick with paper and seemed to arrive in tact, just beautiful. Sorry Carolines' did not.

  6. Shoot, too bad Jossie :(

    The one I sent Caroline has layers too. We'll see if it makes it. Maybe what you should do is a printout of the original (on heavy paper) and send it to her in an envelope. It's a lovely card.

    When I did other postcard projects the cards were mostly painted and not multi-layered.
    I guess we won't be repeating this!

    I do love Mim's card at the top. Fish soup can be tasty but I prefer chowders.

  7. or tea I might add. I myself love fish soup. Now sorry abt the post card. I received one from Marianne with a little attached 3D butterfly on it that was ok. It might be possible to pay a tad more postage and slip the cards in an envelope too

  8. Glad the fish soup arrived intact - that's a great card! Yes, was gutted ( no pun intended) about the loss of Joss's card :( - it looks wonderful! I tried to print from here but unfortunately the image is way too small:(. I am getting quite concerned about mine now - I've mailed 5 already and only one seems to have arrived so far. Sigh - keeping my fingers crossed.