Friday, March 19, 2010

Suki's Card for Lynn Arrived Today!

This wonderful collaged, stamped, hole punched, glittered card arrived in my mail box today!
I think Suki used her calligrapycollage technique too. (I am not recalling the correct word so Suki please correct me). Arrived in perfect condition with a sweet personal note on the back.
Thanks Suki. It's a delightful addition to my collection of cards.
And I had just finished making Cats card which was too late for today's mail but will go out tomorrow for sure!


  1. Oh what a beauty!!!!
    Suki masters so many techniques!
    Love this one

  2. What lovely colours and patterns here - another great card!

  3. Suki has a style of her own. This card is great.

  4. glorious card suki, so glad it got their intact

  5. what a fantastic card!! Lynn...stop teasing me! ;) I am so excited about my card coming from reading your blog already! LOL!!

  6. thanks lynn. I think it's collagraph technique. These are a collage from several I made.

  7. what a colorful montage - I love the different techniques.