Thursday, March 11, 2010

Address Correction

I've received one post card from Lolo, one from Lisa and one from Soul; and perhaps that is all who have sent them so far...however, I did happen to check my address on our list and discovered that a correction is in order.

My correct zip code is 95687.

And my correct email on that list should read
You can also email me at

Thanks for making these changes on your list. Especially the zip as I do want to get your wonderful cards.



  1. dang, I made so many numerical mistakes on our list! So sorry.
    I have to wear those 'cheaters' on top of my contacts for small print. I must not have gone looking for them that day :-/

    I hope none of your cards get lost Lynn.

  2. Me too. I just saw that I had sent out five already and only gotten one back so wondered if any may have gotten lost. We'll see. I'd hope the postal people could figure it out as the zip was only off one number.

  3. I have sent you a card Lynn. I hope it makes it. You should have received it by now.

  4. Oh yes, I went back to see if you had posted mine. You did. I must have used the address from our book exchange. Whew

  5. Lynn, mine to you is going out today or tomorrow. I'm sending it from Snapfish-it's one of my photo collage thingies. That's all I'm going to say-but I think you'll like it. Hope you do.