Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Postcard for Lolo from Patty

This is such a perfect card for me! I definately have raven as one of my totem animals, so thank you Patty!
And yes, I was told by my mother that we were part Native American which my sisters roared about. Hey, I know she told me that...whether it's true or not, I'll never know.
I love how well you cut out the raven, but then again you're a master with scissors!
I love will have a place of honor in my studio with all the other ravens ;)


  1. I'm glad it made it safely. Most totems in AK seem to have the raven featured somewhere, usually right on top. "Your" people are very prevalent in our state and their art/culture is all around.

  2. Beautiful card. I love the use of photo and cut outs and stamps. Lovely! And perfect for Lolo.

  3. Ohhh wonderful perfect card!!!!
    A beauty!

  4. so beautiful and exactly Lolo

  5. This is just perfect for Lolo. Beautiful.

  6. this is magnificent. just so 'lolo'.