Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lynn's card for Joss

This gorgeous card arrived from our very own Lynn. (What makes me think you have all decided to send me wild African animals in this swap? lol)
Attached to it were two pairs of cute animal earings she got from the thrift shop.
Here is it without the earrings, which are already in my drawer ready to be worn.
Thanks Lynnie, another fabulous addition to my collection.
(PS Because of the earrings, this was sent in an envelope and so it got to me in perfect condition..... wish some of my others had been in envelopes too, as I would have got them intact. sigh.)


  1. Well, yes, I cheated with the envelop to get the earrings to you safely. So glad you like them and will actually wear them. I imagine the kids you work with and Maggie will adore them on you!

    But not using the envelopes is half the fun of sending fabric/paper postcards. However, the postal people yesterday would not advise my sending two postcards naked that were heavily beaded. (Even though Lisa's beaded butterfly got to her just fine!)...Guess it depends who is working that day.


  2. What a beauty and the added bonus of earrings.. yipee...

  3. Perfect card!
    perfect for Soul!

    And i want to see a picture of you wearing the earrings!!!!!

    I think all my cards came home quite unharmed.......
    And most of mine reached the other side the same way.
    So nice that I think this is part of the charm while I can get real tickismickis about other things......
    I just love the challenge. Especially with Carolines card I was nearly sure the boat would fall off but didn't . If it had I would have made her another boat and send it but the card was nice without the boat also . So was that card for you from Patty!
    Well I just love the different way we look at this......

    Glad for you Lynn cheated here otherwise the earrings would have gone lost I am afraid.

  4. Oh how perfect for you!!! Love the card and the earrings!!

  5. What a super touch with the earrings! The card reminds me of the beautiful page she did in your traveling book :)

    yes, this was a risky challenge. I'm glad most of the cards made it okay.