Monday, April 5, 2010

Lolo scored twice!!

Today this amazing, beautiful painted postcard came from Caroline in Malaysia!
The colors are translucent and the texture is delicious. I adore this!!
She must have heard me say how much I like trees :)
The quote says...
"If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees."
~Hal Borland~

Thank you Caroline! I hope you're healing well and will back in full swing soon.♥

This is the other wonderful gem that came today! It's a laminated sign for my door that tells folks exactly what I need!
The beautiful quote on the other side says...
"Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow the end, but somewhere in the middle we've become the best of friends."
This is so perfect Marianne, and so very beautiful!
I love it, and you ;) ♥
Thank you ladies! I'm very, very grateful!


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! You really did score today, Lolo!! ;)

  2. Wow Caroline's is so super and perfect for you!!!!
    Love those colors sure you too!
    Glad you like the hanger!
    Let me know if it stays in one piece after cutting! Otherwise I make you another one. I am not sure the laminate will hold when you cut through the paper part........
    Well it was more the thought that counts but it would be nice to use it.....

  3. Aren't these wonderful! I love trees too and Sjimmie lying on the arm of a chair looks so comfortable. I hope you get your me time.

  4. Both of these are just wonderful. I love those trees - I want to know how Caroline did them? Watercolor, collage? The door hanger is great too - that sneaky sjimmie shows up in a lot of Mariannes art!

  5. wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

    i am otherwise speechless.

    both so different, and yet the vibrant talent and detail and love spills out and over.

  6. Oh lucky us...I got mine from these two yesterday too! LOL Aren't they delightful and beautiful. Yours certainly are, as are mine. Enjoy.