Monday, April 12, 2010

Two cards for Caroline

What better to cheer you up after an operation than mail art!! I've been lucky to receive two super cards recently - this from Cat - gorgeous waving magenta flowers and the quote 'Friends are flowers in the garden of life!' - I couldn't agree more! This is such a fresh looking illustration - thank you Cat, your card is so pretty!

And look at this from Laurel! Thank you Laurel - I love it! So very Springlike with that elegant Iris and butterfly. I really like the long format too - the main motif is on quite a delicate paper applied to the background (is that stamped ?). On the reverse is one of my favourite quotes - 'The earth laughs in flowers!'

I have renewed faith in the postal service - both these cards stood up to the test arriving unscathed and I see that quite a few of mine have now reached their destinations. One or two missing still, but hopefully they will drop into your mailboxes soon.


  1. These are beauties Caroline. It is wonderful that you received a bouquet of flowers via mail.

  2. Hope you are recovering well amidst all these lovely flowers and good wishes

  3. looks like Cat and I were on the same wavelength! I love the whimsy of her card and the purple and turquoise together!
    It sure took forever for my card to reach you but it looks like it got there in good shape. The top paper is quite delicate so I was afraid it had become separated. The bottom paper is heavy Arches watercolor paper that I stamped. The corners of the design as well as the butterfly are stickers, and the rest is watercolor and ink.

    Sp glad to see you back on the blogs and recovering nicely ;) xo♥

  4. Yes, they are both delightfully pretty in spring colors and feel. It's quite amazing how well they travel!

    Might we all be thinking if we want to go another round with our postcards? I know I have only one more to make on my list.

  5. Oh I am so glad it made it safe! I agree Lolo, we must've been on the same wavelength!! Love the format of Lolo's card and of course that beautiful flower too!! Lovely details, wow!!

    I'm glad you're doing well, Caroline!! Good to have you on the blog!! :)