Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lisa's card from Lynn

Isn't this just the most beautiful butterfly you have seen lately?  Crewel embroidery, beads and machine quilting. This butterfly is amazing in that it didn't lose a beat while in the post. It won't have to worry around here it will be handled gently and is most appreciated. Thank you Lynn for working your magic for me.


  1. Wow! It did make it in perfect condition. I worried about the beads in the feelers. But they are as I sewed them. So glad. It was such fun making this for you the Queen of Butterflies Lisa.

    I hope everyone clicks on it to enlarge it to see the details.
    Here I am patting myself on the back, but I think I did myself proud with this endeavor!

  2. O-M-G!!!!! That Lynn is more than amazing!
    I'm sure this will get a place of honor in your home Lisa ;)

    Everyone is outdoing themselves with this project!

  3. this is just incredible. wow!

  4. This is just fantastic!! Amazing detail, lucky Lisa!! Lynn, you did good, pat yourself on the back a whole bunch!! ;)

  5. Ah shucks! Thanks. (I like it too... ;-)