Friday, April 2, 2010

From Patty to Joss

My card from arrived from Patty in a very poor state, As you can see the front has been torn, almost the whole picture was hanging off and the back of the card is almost illegible.
I have tried to patch it up, and I think the words read:
"Teaching children is not always ....(is it enjoyable/easy/fun?), but one of the most valuable? things you could do in this world." What fantastic words.
Thanks Patty for the herd of elephants tramping across the wide open 'veldt', and the words.
This is the chance we have all taken with our cards, sending them off into the far horizon (uncovered) across millions of miles. If some didn't arrive batterd and bruised, I would wonder why. If there is ever a round 2, I would definitely put mine in envelopes, which I suppose would defeat the whole purpose, so I probably wouldn't play...sigh.


  1. I'll bet that it looked amazing when it first started on its journey! :) If there is a round 2, I'm not sending anything that can fall apart! I'll draw and paint everything! :)

  2. Sorry you guys :(

    Another way to do a collage is to scan it onto firm card stock and send the COPY. That way it's still your original art. If there's too much stuff on it the postal machines chew it up and spit it out. The postal workers should really hand stamp these items but they rarely do.
    I've never had this issue before :(

    The painted ones seem to get around in better shape. Oh well, it was worth a shot!

    Patty, this card and it's intentions are beautiful :)

  3. I'll post a picture of what you should have received. That is the worst postage damage so far I think.

  4. Great idea Patty. Too bad it got torn up.