Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ravens for Lolo!!!

Well you can all guess who made this beauty!! The Queen of stitches and sparkles and fun!
That little strip of dotted fabric at the top is silver dots on black, hard to see on the scan. I love it!  And the main raven is bejeweled like a flower. Wow, Lynn, I love this card!
Thanks so much!
It was a perfect day brightener on this thunder-stormy day :)


  1. Wow What awonderful card again!
    So perectly chosen and made for you!

  2. Perfect for you Lolo.
    She does great work matching things up with everyone doesnt she?

  3. Now that's just perfect for you! Lovely work Lynn!

  4. Did you move the blue sparkle? I wonder if a postal worker moved it? It started out at the top of the orange strip of sparkly vertical orange fabric, but it is your card now so you can put it where ever you want it. I am just glad it arrived ON the card!!!!
    Happy that you like it too.
    It was fun to make.

  5. Lynn, really, the jewel was on the orange fabric??? That's hilarious! It looks like it was intended to adorn Ms. Raven! Well I guess she made her own decision:)

  6. LOL that the jewel founds its way to her neck all by itself........ I like that!!!!

  7. WOW!! Another Lynn beauty!!! Lolo, you scored girl!! ;)