Saturday, April 10, 2010

Marianne's card from Caroline!

What a perfect card for me!
Waiting for me what I returned yesterday!
The quote is also perfect for me, a good reminder:`
~Stop and smell the roses~
The cat has a Japanese feel and I love the perpective.
It also looks remarkably much like Sjimmie........
Thanks Caroline!
(hope you are up and feeling great!)


  1. Oh wow, this looks exactly like your cat! Amazing!She is, isn't she? Wow!!!!

  2. That is beautiful, how could a black cat not be? I love the contrast of black and pink roses.

  3. This is perfect for you Marianne. Sjimmie would love the roses no doubt. Beautifully done.

  4. wonderful card. caroline is so talented.

  5. I feel lucky to have one of Caroline's cards too! This is just beautiful, and so YOU ;)

    I love this swap, getting to make art for each other has been so much fun!

  6. Oh now this is just so magical!!! How beautiful!!