Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two Received in Alaska

I received TWO postcards in the mail today! Oh Happy Day!

This green "Directions" card came to me from Mim - it's the one that was undersized and sent back to her so she turned around, popped it in an envelope and mailed it to me in one of her own dachshund/fish cards. She doesn't know but I used to have two dachshunds and really love this special card. It has Cricket and Ruger right on the front....with fins. The directions tell me to "sketch an exuberant light-filled moment". I shall endeavor to do so this week! (I also got my G for Gold ATC for another blog) Thanks Mim!

The next card is from Lynn in California. It is made from a cereal box, maps and fabric. Wow! I just didn't know you could combine them all and send it through the mail. She has a map of CA and of AK and shows the distance as "not too far". She writes on the back, "it looks fairly close when the maps are viewed this way!" I agree, it does look close this way and Alaska is even further south than San Francisco; does that mean we get to trade weather too? Thanks Lynn!

How creative they both are and now I'm more determined than ever to try collage again.

PS - both these cards were addressed to 64th Avenue and both reached me. However, I do live at 84th Avenue so if you could get that corrected I will have a better chance of receiving the rest. Thanks!


  1. awesome cards for you, Patty!! love them both! :)

  2. OMG, what creativity!! I'll bet the postal workers love mail art! Sure beats delivering catalogs and supermarket ads. Wow!!

    I have your correct address on my list. I just double-checked!
    I'm working on your card today :)

  3. These are all so much fun. Love the combo of stitching and paint on Mim's Directions card!!!
    And her dog fish are cute and clever too.

    Love your reaction to my maps! Thought it fun to play with geography that way. Also it was the way they fit best on the page! LOL And am amazed at how well they travel!!!!

    I have corrected your address on my list with the typo.

  4. Isn't it fun getting this colourful mail! Super postcards and love Mim's dachshunds too! What an original idea the map is - Lynn your textile art if fab! I have your correct address!