Thursday, February 18, 2010

Soul's Post Card

When I came in from doing errands my DB told me I had mail.  WHOOO HOOO !!! I received my first postcard.  Soul said it was the first card she ever made.  It is a beauty.  It arrived in great shape.  It has layers of collage. It has so much Soul.  Thank you so much Soul.
I want to say I am sorry I haven't left comments here. I was wondering today why I hadn't seen any posts come through my Reader.  Bahhhh I guess I didn't get it on there. So glad to see that others have their cards posted here. 


  1. hey Lisa, you aren't following the blog. Maybe that's why?

    This is great! Look how much she managed to get on there!

    Great job Jossie :)

  2. Wow, there is so much on there I am surprised it made it through the mail. So creative.

  3. ooooh yipppeeeeeeee it is there! i was so worried. now i am no longer a virgin!

  4. Very cool card Soul! Way to go!!!!
    Right, you've lost your postcard virginity! LOL

  5. What a lovely card with all that pink!!!!

  6. Beautiful card! Lucky you!! Way to go, Joss! You did it!! And it is gorgeous! :)