Monday, February 8, 2010

Header by Marianne

Woo-Hoooo, look at the header Marianne did for us! And it even has Lynn's last name at the top ;)
It's perfect...thank you Marianne! XX

My first postcard is soon on it's way to Lynn!


  1. Ladies I am very excited to read these...Looks very interesting and a lost mail and handwritten message anymore.


  2. This is absolutely gorgeous. Great job Marianne and Lolo. I am supposed to be snowed in tomorrow. I will be creating.!!

  3. The header is beautiful. I've already grabbed it and posted it to my site. Thank you Marianne!

  4. Oh well done Lolo and Marianne - great look! Thanks for setting this up!

  5. love it, thanks marianne and lolo too.

  6. Well I finally found my way here! Please put me under the list of Contributors and I will add my first post card received in a minute.

    How did my name get up there? How cool is that?
    Awesome banner!!!! LOL Hugs, even without my name it would be awesome!!!! Way to go Marianne.