Monday, February 15, 2010

My First Postcard Arrived From Lolo

It was apparent immediately that my postcard was from Lolo as soon as I saw her trademark art stamp! This beautiful waterlily art card is 5" X 8" in size and a real knock out in color and texture!

She even got arty on the "letter" side with quote and marking pens!

Thank you Lolo, this was fun to receive and it is a beauty I will treasure!
Hugs from Lynn
I will mail my first postcards out tomorrow to Marianne and to Mim.
Our Presidents Holiday is shortening our mail week by one day.


  1. what a beauty, i love it. i posted my first two to lisa and lolo today...eeeek, i hope they get there in one piece. i felt anxious but now that i have started, i am thrilled to be included in this fab new project. thanks lo.

  2. Oh My......... Lynn you are so lucky to get this beauty uin the mail!
    Love it buut I already told Lolo so on her blog!


  3. OH thank goodness-I am mailing two out tomorrow too-I thought I was already falling down on the job.

    Which is really funny, because i love making the post cards! I like the size, I like that they go off in the mail by themselves like big kids.....LOL.

    Love it.

  4. yay...we've begun!!!
    I didn't intend this to be one of our postcards but you were so intrigued by the textures and patterns Lynn, that I knew I had to send it to you :)

    I'm so glad you like it!

  5. Well Lolo, I am glad you did send it as I do like the textures and everything about it!!!!

    Debra, I think you are right on track time wise, since it's the same as MY schedule!!! LOL

  6. Stunning - such a pretty card!! Lucky Lynn! I'm getting busy with a couple to mail this week.

  7. Debra and Lynn - I'm with you two! Hopefully I'll get a couple out this week.

  8. Nice to see the first beautiful card received!!! I will mail Cat's today, tuesday.

  9. This is a beauty. And don't you just love her stamps!!

  10. oh this is a real treasure! just beautiful!