Friday, February 26, 2010

Soul Sent This Wonder To Lynn

First of all it arrived in PERFECT condition! Clean and whole in all it's beautiful glory.
I wish you could feel the texture of the fabric embellishment; the cut spiral, the silver stitches.
I wish you could see close up (enlarge it) the plastic glass bottle, the shiny stars, the notes within. These of course are my grand children, (twin brother and sister) going through goodies from Grandma's basket!
and they ARE my dreams come true.

Soul KNOWS me...and we are grandies in love with our kidlets and our friendship here as well.

Thanks Soul. It deserved all these photos!!!


  1. Wow! This is stunning - so creative!! Lucky Lynn!

  2. I wish I could feel it too--it's lovely.

  3. Wow!!!
    The best ever from you Soul!!!
    I recognize Ot & Sien (the boy and the girl) they are very famous here in Holland . In groundschool I learned to read with them.
    The illustrations are by Cornelus Jetsus.
    I LOVE IT!

  4. that's right is cornelius jetsus, wonderful picture. shows lynn's love of her grands. glad it got there in one piece. i have just bought 'mod podge' and it is working well on these postcards, keeping them all in one piece!

  5. I'm so very impressed with this card!! The bottle of wishes is the nicest touch. Wow!! This is amazing Jossie!

  6. Wow Soul, this was an inspiration. What a unique postcard. So much going on. I love the idea of a bottle full of notes. I love that Jim Croce song Time in a Bottle. Lucky Lynn.

  7. I really like that spiral design! Very creative. Soul - Mod podge is what messed up my first two cards - maybe my cards were too thin. They curled up into scrolls and I didn't think they could be mailed that way!