Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two Postcards received

I got this postcard from Marianne....

...and all I can say so far is Wow. It is gorgeous, such a lovely painting. Marianne wrote a great note on the back and so far I have managed to translate the first sentence which I think says "Hope all is well with you". LOVE it Marianne and also gives me a good excuse to email a dear friend from Holland to have her help with a translation.

Lynn took a painting of mine, and managed to digitize it or something like that and THREADPAINTED it. I was just stunned when I saw it, wow, wow. It's really beautiful and tactile and creative and the orange bit there is on my scanner not in the threadpainting!

The first postcard I sent out was to Patty and guess came back as TOO SMALL. So I have remailed it out to Patty in an envelope, along with an ATC and am not cutting my postcards just a bit bigger.

I really like this exchange, it's new and challenging - I like postcard art anyway, so this mixes it up well for me.


  1. Both are just marvelous in their own ways.

  2. Beautiful post cards. i looked up the mailing sizes for PC's on line and jotted them down but cant find right now but you can find them on the post office site. If its too large too then you have to put a letter stamp on it.

  3. Wow...these are great!! Such detail and lots going on in both. Wow again!

    I finished yours yesterday Mim. I'm not sure I want to send it after seeing these :/

    I'm loving this exchange!!

  4. Gorgeous postcards! For size, I just go with 4x6 so far, I haven't had any problems! Thank goodness!

  5. Oh come on Lo I bet it it just gorgeous like everything you create!

  6. Oh And the phrase was
    "De beste stuurlui staan aan wal"
    I thought it would be fun since the card comes from Holland ( I painted a vintage card) to write the tekst in Dutch.
    I really wouldn't know how to translate that phrase, maybe your Dutch firend would know the correct saying.....
    The best navigators are standing ashore. It means that you have always people who know better but those are mostly standing aside ready to comment. Something like that it would be......

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. I love Marianne's beautiful Dutch watercolor. It has such a tranquil feel to it. Fun saying too glad she translated it for us.

    So glad you enjoyed my rendition of your fish.
    I had fun thread painting them.

  8. Mim-your too small story made me laugh. I asked a thousand questions the post office and got stamps for overseas postcards, some USPO pre stamped post cards and then stamps for oversize post cards. The lady was so helpful-of course I am always nice and I think they like people who are nice to them.