Friday, February 19, 2010

Lolo's Mail Art for Marianne

Today I received this beauty in the mail.
Lolo altered the original into this dream of a card!
Wow, lucky me to get it.
The world is a better place because of you!
How sweet is that?!
And here is the beautiful original Frida who also arrived today.
I know it is part of the fun, but I am glad Frida arrived without a scratch.........

Thank a million you one in a million friend!


  1. She made it there!! I'm glad you like her. I had such fun starting out with the sepia photo like the one I sent you. I thought maybe you'd like to do your own :)
    It does amaze me that our art is arriving without dirt!


  2. wow i adore frida, what a super duper card, wonder when lo will get mine...eeeeek, hope it arrives unharmed. great stuff lo.

  3. I know you love Frida. This is great.!!

  4. How fabulous! And as another that just loves Frida, I too am saying 'WOW'!! :)

  5. My Freida passed away-and Diego followed.....kind of like in real life.